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Bottom Banner Ad:

This placement is available as a shared space on Web page. Upadvertising to five advertisers rotate randomly at the bottom position on a page, displaying each banner ad to 40% of the viewing traffic. Advertisers also have the option of buying additional views, if available.

Unique Page Placement

Home Page: With more than 10,000 views per month the home page is the most popular page on the site.

Run of Directory or Run of Section: Advertising in Allbuildersresources’s different resource and directory sections is not limited to just a single page in the section. Ads now appear on all the main pages within the section - giving your message far more exposure.

Industry Topic Pages: Let potential customers know you are a leader in a given industry page. When you run an ad in a given industry your ad will appear when a user enters our user page directory of research companies for suppliers specializing in that specific topic.

Free Design Service for Online Ads

In order to make online advertising as easy as possible, we offer all advertisers free design of online ads. Our designers can make your ad coordinate with your brand image and Web site. Simply supply us with your ad copy, your Web address and any other graphics you want incorporated and our designers will do the rest.

Online Advertising Pricing

Pricing is for an advertisement
on one page for six-months
10% discount given for a one-year contract
Banner Ad
Dimensions in pixels 728w X 90h
Percent of  page visitors for which ad is displayed 40%*
Time period included in price six-months
 Home Page  $4,350*
 Any Single Directory Page  $2,000*
 Any Single Industry Topic Page  $450**
10% discount given for a one-year contract on all Web ad placements.

* The top/bottom banner space on select pages is shared by up to five advertisers unless otherwise contracted. The price quoted for the top/ bottom banner is for 20% of the rotation (1 of 5). You can purchase additional rotations if available.

** The top/bottom banner space on niche topic pages are shared by just two advertisers unless otherwise contracted. The price quoted for the top/ bottom banner is for 50% of the rotation in the top position and 50% in the bottom position.

± Side box ads jumble positions (from top to bottom) with the other side ads on the same page but the ads appear to 100% of all page views.

Premium Web Advertising Positions
 Run-of-Site Top Button 1 Month 2 months
195w X 90h
100% of all site views
 $3,500  $6,500
Home Page Middle Banner 1 Month 2 months
728w X 90h
100% of page views
$2,000 $3,600

For more information about online advertising contact an All Builders Resources' sales representative at