All Builders Resources provides developers with the instant, quality sales leads for General54e0f485f4daf036e45e7ec3e246ef67 Contractors, Construction Managers, Architects and Engineers, Building Product Manufacturers & Suppliers to target and represents excellent value for money. By joining ABR Developers will have an ability to add new projects for bids, outline its desired budget, scope and projects requirements. New project bid post will be seen by all qualified members from General Contractors to Subcontractors, Suppliers, Architects and more. This allows for Developers to obtain numerous competitive bidders, greater quotes and scopes that ultimately result in project being built by experienced professionals within time and on budget.

 By Joining ABR, I can...?...

  • Be listed in ABR’s Network of Construction Professionals.
  • Unlimited Access to ABR’s Database
  • Market Capabilities and Increased exposure.
  • Business Networking.
  • Securely Post New Projects for Bid.
  • Post notices about projects “in queue “and solicit architects/engineers and manufacturers who will assist Developer with turning a project idea into specifications, drawings and ready for contractors bid document.
  • Track project activity.
  • Search for preferred type of construction management.
  • Propose other companies to do business together.
  • Generate multiple reports.
  • Vendor Profile Management.
  • Create Your Private or Public Company Plan Room: upload and share plans, specs, addendums and other bid documents.
  • Bid calendar.
  • Filtered search of General Contractors/Construction Managers, Architects and Engineers, Subcontractors, Consultants and Service Providers, Suppliers and Manufacturers.
  • Unlimited access to Construction Attorneys and Insurance Brokers’ database.
  • Maintain record of bidding history.
  • Unlimited Documentation and message exchange within one platform.
  • Broadcasting Feature for Bid Documents Distribution
  • Personalized Interface with company logos.
  • Connect with industry professionals through ABR Forum.
  • Mobile access.
  • Cloud-based secure system with 24/7 access
  • Rate your Vendors.