Contractor LEED Project Management

Building LEED project and achieving its certification requires meeting strict requirements0723-architect_sm
and guidelines associated with massive paperwork and constant tracking. Even though LEED practices have been around for quite a while now, it is still a very confusing and lengthy process for many contractors. Having a LEED Accredited Professional on your team is not always a guarantee of successful outcome, since many of them simply do not have enough practice or expertise and can be only useful in theory. ABR maintains well-versed LEED professionals who will oversee the process from concept to execution and ensure the project‘s goals are met in timely fashion.

For a LEED Project –Architect:

  • Provide feasibility analysis, determine associated costs and benefits
  • Outline specifics of the project
  • Assist in writing of “green” specification sections and pre-select green materials within the pre-set budget
  • Compose project’s LEED scorecard with determination of benchmarks for completion

For a LEED Project –General Contractor:

  • Waste Management assistance and verifications
  • Material tracking and calculations for all green building material installed on the project
  • IAQ assistance
  • Maintains the flow of communication between contractors, managers, clients and engineers to ensure LEED guidelines are being met and that everyone is on the same page

While our direct client may be the building owner, architect, contractor or facility manager, we are dedicated to the end result in each and every project and consistently serve every team member to ensure the best possible results and environmental performance.