Contractor Prequalification Management

All Builders Resources Pre qualification is a simplified contractor pre qualification app. right-to-hire-staffing-imageOur account managers will take the administrative work away from you. Our professionals on staff will educate and assist contractors, subcontractors and suppliers in filling out their pre qualification forms with contracting agencies of the USA, license applications, MBE/WBE/SBE applications and many more. We will streamline the pre qualification process for you and make sure that :

  • The Account manager will verify your contractors’ data
  • We validate that regulatory forms and statistics are submitted properly and accurately
  • We centralizing contractor data into an easy-to-use, online database
  • Giving contractors a personalized Account Manager to answer their questions and assist them through the process

We provide support every step of the way so that contractor pre qualification is simple for every vendor involved.

All Builders Resources exists to build great things—great projects, great teams, a great network of highly qualified vendor partners.

All information is kept strictly confidential and used only for pre qualification purposes.

Customer Service Representative

We believe that customer service involves having an individual representative that you can call on, whenever you need help. That is why All Builders Resources assigns a personalized account manager to every contractor we have.

From helping you to register, to making sure you are in compliance with health, safety and all other contracting regulatory requirements, All Builders Resources team assigns you throughout the entire process. We develop a “first-name-basis” relationship with our clients and are contacting them personally whenever they are missing information or have incorrect data.

Individual Attention

Verification of the Pre qualification Information is performed by industry and geographic location. Each Account Manager (AM) is assigned to each client based on industry experience, language capability and geographic location.


Building LEED project and achieving its certification requires meeting strict requirements and guidelines associated with massive paperwork and constant tracking. Even though LEED practices have been around for quite a while now, it is still a very confusing and lengthy process for many contractors. Having a LEED AP on your team is not always a guarantee of successful outcome, since many of them simply do not have enough practice or expertise and can be only useful in theory. ABR maintains well-versed LEED professionals who will oversee the process from concept to execution and ensure the project‘s goals are met in timely fashion. For a LEED project- Architect concept assistance:
  • Provide feasibility analysis, determine associated costs and benefits
  • Outline specifics of the project
  • Assist in writing of “green” specification sections and pre-select green materials within the pre-set budget
  • Compose project’s LEED scorecard with determination of benchmarks for completion
For a LEED project- General Contractor concept:
  • Waste Management assistance and verifications
  • Material tracking and calculations for all green building material installed on the project
  • IAQ assistance
  • Maintains the flow of communication between contractors, managers, clients and engineers to ensure LEED guidelines are being met and that everyone is on the same page
While our direct client may be the building owner, architect, contractor or facility manager, we are dedicated to the end result in each and every project and consistently serve every team member to ensure the best possible results and environmental performance.
Should you be a beginner or overwhelmed with projects contractor it’s very important to have a reliable system in place to manage variety of contractors’ records/ documents like prequalification, licenses, application for payment, AIA’s, certified payroll, health and safety information, insurance information, training programs and specific documents that pertain to the contractor and the owner client. Quality, durability and consistency are the key points to run your business in the upmost smooth and efficient way. Loss of document control over the production or services provided directly affects contractors reputation, integrity and most importantly delays sub/contractor’s timely payment. A lot of companies struggle with systemizing of their contractor management processes which within time leads to business fiasco. ABR is here to assist you with document control and have you rest assured that the following aspects of your company’s management are taken care of :
  • Structured and timely submitted application for payment
  • Safety and Health statistics, plans and programs
  • Affirmative Action compliance
  • Business Ethics plan development and employee training
  • Insurance assistance
  • Prequalification updates and license maintenance
We will oversee every step of your construction project, including organization and logistics, reporting, design and construction management, change orders, submittal process, project cost management, quality assurance, performance measurement, and billing administration. These benefits are both immediate and long-standing and assure reliable and reputable contractor business operations.
  • DPMC-27 Request for Classification, State of NJ Department of Treasury Division of Property Management and Construction.
  • NJ Turnpike Authority
  • NJ Public Works Contractor Registration.
  • Rutgers –Contractor Qualification. Rutgers, the State University of NJ
  • New Jersey School Development Authority (NJ SDA) Prequalification.
  • Port Authority of New York & New Jersey (BQQP)-Background Qualification Questionnaire Package
  • VENDEX (Vendor, Principals), NYC Mayor’s Office of Contract Services, VENDEX Unit
  • NYC SCA – New York City School Construction Authority.
  • Con Edison of New York-NYC, New York
  • NYS DOT – CCA-2
  • DASNY -Dormitory Authority of the State of New York
  • NYS OCS –NYS Office of the State Comptroller
  • NYS OGS, Electronic Contractor Payment Certification (ECP)
  • State of Connecticut, Department of Consumer Protection – Major / Contractor’s License.
  • CT DAS Prequalification /Renewal – OPM Forms.
  • City of New Haven Bureau of Purchases
  • CT DOT Prequalification -State of Connecticut Department of Transportation
  • CT Annual Filing
  • Department of Revenue Services of Connecticut
  • SAMs (System for Award Management) – Federal Government
  • Home Improvement Contractor's Licenses
  • Asbestos or Lead Abatement Licenses
  • Electrician's Licenses
  • Plumber's and Gasfitter's Licenses
  • Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Out-of-State Corporations
  • Contractor Registration
  • DCAMM Prequalification for General Contractor ( Division of Capital Asset Management & Maintenance)
  • DCAMM Prequalification for Subcontractor
  • Prequalification with The Massachusetts Department of Transportation ( MASDOT)
  • Prequalification with Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority ( MBTA)
  • MBE certification
  • Asbestos License
  • Lead Abatement License
  • Public Works
  • Out of State Corporations
  • Public Works Certification with Department of General Services Public Works (DGS)
  • Pre-qualification with Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Prequalification with PennState Office of Physical Plant
  • Pre-qualification with The University of Pennsylvania (Penn)
  • Asbestos Abatement Licenses
  • Electrician's Licenses
  • Mechanical Work Licenses
  • Plumber's Licenses
  • Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Out-of-State Corporations
  • Commercial Roofer
  • The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT)
  • Registration with the Rhode Island Division of Purchases through the Rhode Island Vendor Information Program (RIVIP)
  • Prequalification with the Rhode Island’s Chief Purchasing Officer ( RICPO)
  • The State of Rhode Island Contractors’ registration and Licensing Board
  • Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training
  • Rhode Island Builders Association
  • Rhode Island MBE Certification