Contractor Management Services

Should you be a beginner or overwhelmed with projects contractor it’s very Rolled Construction Plansimportant to have a reliable system in place to manage variety of contractors’ records/ documents like prequalification, licenses, application for payment, AIA’s, certified payroll, health and safety information, insurance information, training programs and specific documents that pertain to the contractor and the owner client. Quality, durability and consistency are the key points to run your business in the upmost smooth and efficient way. Loss of document control over the production or services provided directly affects contractors reputation, integrity and most importantly delays sub/contractor’s timely payment. A lot of companies struggle with systemizing of their contractor management processes which within time leads to business fiasco.

ABR is here to assist you with document control and have you rest assured that the following aspects of your company’s management are taken care of :

  • Structured and timely submitted application for payment
  • Safety and Health statistics, plans and programs
  • Affirmative Action compliance
  • Business Ethics plan development and employee training
  • Insurance assistance
  • Prequalification updates and license maintenance

We will oversee every step of your construction project, including organization and logistics, reporting, design and construction management, change orders, submittal process, project cost management, quality assurance, performance measurement, and billing administration. These benefits are both immediate and long-standing and assure reliable and reputable contractor business operations.